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Community Director

I love hosting neat community events and I always look forward to seeing
our wonderful community members. I have three children and I am a proud
mother of a college student. I love spending time with my family and catching
up on my favorite TV series. I am friendly and love talking to everyone,
so if you see me around don’t forget to say hello!


Assistant Community

I love to meet new people and enjoy chatting with our community
members whenever they visit our office. I’m a naturally happy
person and love to laugh. I enjoy music, dancing, spending time with
my family and eating tacos! If you stop by our office, don’t be a stranger!


Leasing Manager

One of my favorite things to do is take our golf cart out and drive
around our community greeting everyone I see. All of our community
members are super friendly and welcoming! I like spending my free
time with my beloved family. If you see me driving around in our golf
cart, don’t forget to say hello!


Leasing Professional

I love being with my dogs. One of my favorite things about our
community is that it’s tucked away in nature. Our community is
surrounded by many beautiful trees! Schedule a tour with me today,
and I will be happy to show you my favorite amenity, the dog park.


Leasing Professional

I love spending time with my son and I enjoy going to concerts.
The best part of my work day is assisting someone in finding their
new home! If you are in need of an apartment, I would be happy to assist you!


Service Supervisor

I enjoy working with my team on special projects around our community.
I love going to the beach with my family each summer and watching
soccer games; my favorite team is River Plate! If you see me outside,
remember to say hello!


Service Technician

I love my team members, because we work hard and help each other
out. My favorite thing to do at home is kick back on my sofa and watch
a good, action movie. If you ever need anything, please let me know
and I will make sure you are taken care of!


Service Technician

I love the relationships that we have established with each other
as a team. I enjoy working with our team, because they are like
family to me. I also enjoy spending time with my family and trying
out new restaurants. If you are ever in need of a repair, I would
be happy to assist you.


Service Technician

I enjoy attending basketball games, especially my Boston Celtics!
I love our friendly community members, and I try to make sure they
are always satisfied with our service. If you ever need anything,
just let your Villas at Tenison Park team know and we will take care of you!


Make-Ready Specialist

I enjoy spending time with my family and going fishing. I work hard
to make sure our community members are happy in their homes.
I love that our community is located near so many restaurants.
Choosing a place to eat a meal is a breeze! If you need any help,
I am here to assist you!


Make-Ready Specialist

I like to make sure our community pools are sparkling clean,
so that our community members can enjoy them! I love to eat
Mexican food and I enjoy traveling anytime I can! If you
see me around the community, don’t forget to say hello!



I enjoy assisting my team members with projects and learning
new skills. I love spending time with my family and visiting
new destinations on vacation. Next time you see me, make
sure to say hello!



I love how mindful our community members are, they are kind and
always pick up after themselves. I enjoy taking trips to Mexico to
see my family and I love working with my team members. If you
need any help, please don’t hesitate to ask me!